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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association consists of students chosen in campus-wide elections held each spring and is the governing body for student organizations on campus.

President: Samuel Miller
Advisor: Emily Sands
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SGA Constitution

President: Samuel Miller
Vice President: Fayth Laxton
Treasurer: Nathaniel Carlton
Secretary: Larisa Griffith

Kaleb Cole
James Peyatt
William Kelly-Crapse
Logan Marks
Kerry Smith
Alyssa Volpe
Bryce Tawes
William Hiner

Meeting Time/Location:
Every other Tuesday at 1 PM Life Sciences 208

The Student Government Association (SGA) consists of students chosen in campus-wide elections held each spring. One of the SGA’s most important functions is developing a budget for appropriating student activity fees to the many diverse student activities and organizations.

In addition to its financial responsibilities, the SGA appoints student representatives to serve on most faculty committees. These committees deal with various aspects of campus life including publications, activities, discipline, financial aid, academic affairs, athletics and alumni activities.

Students are responsible for their conduct, activities and care of their facilities. 

Meeting Minutes

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