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    Student Organization Meeting/Event Policy
  • Student Government Association

    The Student Government Association consists of students chosen in campus-wide elections held each spring and is the governing body for student organizations on campus.

    President: Mauro Maminta
    Advisor: Michael Sheldon, Senior Coordinator of Student Programs and Organizations
                  Emily Sands, Dean of Students
    Connect: FacebookTwitter
  • Accounting leaders of Tomorrow (ALoT)

    President: Jared Bailey

    Advisor: Dr. Md Amin

    Connect:  Facebook

    To promote academic and professional excellence and to provide an environment for social growth, community awareness, and ethical  development among students with interests in accounting and business related fields.

    Meeting Time/Location: Every two weeks in the LRC Room 301 - Email President for details

  • Active Minds

    President: Carley Knuckles
    Connect: FacebookInstagram
    We aim increase mental health awareness on campus of WVU Tech. We provide resources that will educate students about mental illness, how/where to get help, and how it affects not only those living with mental illness, but also those with loved ones living with mental illness and our society in general. We also spread encouragement on how to maintain mental wellness.

    Meeting Times/Location: 
    Meetings are every other Monday at 5:00 pm. Members can join via zoom and in person. Location is to be determined and will be announced on social media and throughout campus.
  • Alpha Phi Omega (APO)

    President: Brittan Barley
    Advisor: Dr. Kimberlyn Gray

    Alpha Phi Omega's (APO) purpose is to serve as a outlet for service to peers, the community, the state, and ultimately, the world. APO members complete a minimum of 25 hours of community service each semester and pride themselves on selflessly serving those around them.

    Meeting Time/Location: Please email president for details.

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

    President: Kelsea Adkins
    Advisor: Nathan Galinsky
    Connect: Facebook

    The purpose of AIChE is to (1) present an opportunity for Chemical Engineering students to interact with fellow classmates, (2) provide information and experience that will further the understanding of Chemical Engineering as a career, (3) provide a link between students and future employers. 
    Meeting Time: Meetings will be virtual.  Tuesdays at 1pm on weeks that SGA is not meeting
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

    President: Shawneha Fennimore
    Advisor: Dr. Horng-Jyh Yang
    Connect: Facebook,

    The purpose of our organization is to encourage students to learn more about the field of engineering. We also provide opportunities for students to work together to get to know each other and create unity among peers.

    Meeting Time: SSC Conference Room, Thursdays, 1 PM
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

    President: Tyler Kibler
    Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Ahmad
    Connect: National

    We strive to promote increased knowledge and understanding of all aspects of modern computing, in order to promote greater interest in it and its applications. We stand to also be a means of communication for those who have an interest in computing. We aim to achieve this with regular meetings, local organizational projects, and more publicly accessible activities.

    Meeting Time/Location: Thursdays, 1:00 PM, location to be determined. - Email President for details

  • Biology Club

    President: Mallori Whaples
    Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Mitchell
    Connect: FacebookFlickr

    The Biology Club offers services that focus on giving back and improving our community. This is a guaranteed way to earn community service hours. We also take end of the year trips to expand our knowledge on the biological foundations outside of West Virginia.

    Meeting Time/Location: Meeting time is currently at 11am every Wednesday, but the location has not been decided yet. We will meet via zoom until then.

  • Black Student Union

    President: Malik Wynes and Jada Mickey
    Advisor: JoAnn Ross
    Connect: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

    The purpose of the Black Student Union is to represent African American students in political and community matters. BSU will serve and unify all African American students at West Virginia University Institute of Technology by addressing their needs. The Black Student Union will promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of diversity by coordinating activities that strengthen cultural and political awareness as well as assist in developing skills necessary to become a professionally organized body of students that address issues pertinent to African Americans.

    Meeting Time/Location: TBA - Email President for details.

  • Campus Light Ministries

    President: Christiana DiPisa
    Advisor: Mary Strife

    Campus Light is a Christian organization designed to create a comforting environment for students to learn about Christianity. We are functioning as a club for students who do not have a Christian background, are unsure about their faith, or all around want to learn more about Christianity while in a safe, comforting environment. 

    Meeting Time/Location: Wednesday at 5:30 PM. Benedum Blue Room (tentative). Would like to provide a Zoom option as well. Please email President for details.

  • Christian Student Union (CSU)

    President: Jalen Wayt
    Advisor:  Garrett Goosman
    Connect: Facebook

    Christian Student Union is designed to give individuals an opportunity to grow in their faith and fellowship with other believers. Our slogan is "CSU is a place to Connect, Learn, Serve and Grow." In addition, all individuals are welcome to our meetings at any time!

    Meeting Time/Location: We will still be meeting in Life Science 208 but have been using a hybrid approach. Email President for Zoom Link

  • Collegiate 4-H Club

    President: Alexis Zilinski
    Advisor: Barbara Little

    The purpose of the club is a service based organization following the values of the 4-H program. We provide support to the local 4-H program and youth in the community. 
    Meeting Time/Location: First Monday or Tuesday of the month - Email president for time
  • Criminal Justice Assocation

    President: Amber Fleshman
    Advisor: Crosby Hipes
    Connect: Facebook

    To promote awareness of the criminal justice area and support organizations that help promote a more just and equitable society.

    Meeting Time/Location: Email President for details

  • Disc Golf Club

    President: Nolan Simmons
    Advisor: Crosby Hipes

    Playing and supporting disc golf-related activities

    Meeting Time/Location: Please email the president for details

  • First2 Network

    President: Elizabeth Lowe
    Advisor: Dr. Sanish Rai
    Connect: Instagram

    The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a support network for first-generation and minority students in STEM majors at WVU Tech. This support network will consist of extra-curricular, stress-reducing activities, academic support from peers, and peer mentoring through situations that are common for many first-generation college students.
    Meeting Time/Location: To be determined - Email President for details
  • Fluid Power Club

    President: Antonio Fernandez Castano
    Advisor: Dr. Yogendra Panta

    The purpose of the Fluid Power Club shall be to help students learn about fluid power as they work on educational and technical projects during their study at WVU Tech. National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) supports the Fluid Power Club at WVU Tech that will be involved in fluid power activities as suggested by NFPA. Membership in the Fluid Power Club shall be open to any engineering and science students regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, age or handicap. The club shall strive to encourage a diverse membership.

    Meeting Time/Location: Biweekly on Tuesdays at 1pm.  Email president for location.

  • Forensic Investigation Association

    President:  Madison Young
    Advisor: Andrew Wheeler
    Connect: Facebook, Instagram

    Our organization gives Forensic Majors, as well as any other interested majors a chance to make connections for future careers. We also hold case studies, game nights, and presentations on topics that can peak members’ interests or questions about the Forensic Field of work.

    Meeting Times/Location: The time and place of the regular meetings of this FIA shall be determined by the advisor and executive committee at the beginning of the semester to comply with academic schedules for the majority of the members. Please email President for updates.

  • Gaming at Tech

    President: Scott Ellars
    Advisor:  Dr. JT Hird
    Connect: Facebook; Instagram

    The main goal and purpose of Gaming at Tech shall be to provide a casual environment in which students may pursue tabletop and video-game endeavors either physically or virtually, and to foster a positive and stress-free social environment. All activities and functions of Gaming at Tech shall be legal under university, local, state, and federal laws. All activities and functions of Gaming at Tech will be available to students and faculty and will be fully accessible.

    Thursdays at 5:30pm in either Room 314 or 322 of the LRC (tentative)

  • Gardening and Agricultural Club

    President: Mauro Maminta
    Connect: Facebook

    The purpose of our organization is to beautify WVU Tech campus and the surrounding communities. We will also provide educational and volunteer opportunities for the students of WVU Tech for those that are interested through our affiliations with local organizations. 

    Meeting Time/Location: Our meeting times will be on Mondays at the university greenhouse. - Email President for times.
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

    President: Griffin Holbart
    Advisor: Charan Litchfield
    Connect: FacebookClub Email

    The purpose of the WVU Tech IEEE student branch shall be to encourage student interest in the advancement of science and technology. The organization is designed to provide learning experiences for West Virginia University Institute of Technology students and to promote student involvement in the community in the area of science and technology.

    Meeting Time/Location: Every Tuesday at 1pm in room 204 of the Benedum Building (Contact the President for more information)

  • International Student Organization

    President: Bianca Cabradilla
    Advisor: Dan Sepion
    Connect: Facebook

    The purpose of the ISO shall be to promote the wellbeing of international

    Meeting Time/Location: Ever other Thursdays 9:00 PM in Benedum Blue Room.

  • Pi Tau Sigma

    President: Antonio Fernandez Castano
    Advisor:  Yogendra Panta
    Connect:  National

    Pi Tau Sigma is an international honor society in the field of mechanical engineering, with most chapters established in the United States. It honors mechanical engineering students who have exemplified the "principles of scholarship, character and service..." in the mechanical engineering profession.

    Meeting Time/Location: Biweekly Tuesdays 1 PM in Benedum 200

  • Pre-Health Professions Club

    President: Mackenzie Miller
    Connect: Facebook

    This organization will have as its purpose to assist in facilitating the entry into graduate or pre-health professional programs as directly approved by the student council and indirectly by the school site administrator and the governing board of West Virginia University Institute of Technology.

    Meeting Time/Location: Tuesdays @ 1:00 PM - Email President for details
  • Psychology Club/Psi Chi

    President: Maverick Hudson
    Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Hall
    Connect: Facebook

    The purpose of the WVUIT Psychology Club is to provide opportunities for students to develop career competencies and skills as well as offer a deepened exposure to the various fields of psychology. The Psychology Club is a central component to the Psychology program at WVUIT and also allows members to acquire a sense of civic and personal responsibility to both the community and themselves.

    Meeting Time/Location: Please email president for details

  • SAE Aero Design

    President: Richard Cantrell
    Advisor:  Dr. Winnie Fu

    The purpose of the SAE Aero team is to design and build a working airplane to take to a competition. The objective is to train students to not only create designs, but to also build and test them. this will help reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.

    Meeting Time/Location: Please email president for details

  • SAE Baja at WVU Tech

    President: Zachary Lockhart
    Advisor: Dr. Winnie Fu
    Connect: FacebookWebsiteNational

    Student operated Collegiate Design series team, focused on the manufacturing and engineering of a single seat off-road race vehicle to compete against universities from around the world to compete and sanctioned events around the country.

    Meeting Time/Location: Wednesdays via zoom, time TBA. Please contact our Vice President Emily LeMaster for more meeting information if needed.

  • Ski Club

    President: Chad Booth
    Advisor: Dave Bernier
    Connect: Snapchat - Message @chadjbooth1

    Purpose of organization is to bring together a group of students with a common love for snow sports. This club since its founding has brought together students for a group ski time so that no one rides alone. This group functionality makes everyone safer on the mountain as well as bringing more fun due to group camaraderie.
    Meeting Time/Location: Please contact president for information
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

    President: Matthew Aliff

    Vice President: Reegan Lively

    Secretary: Haley Holliday: 

    Treasurer: Makenzie Holley

    Advisor: Marjorie Smith
    Connect: National

    SHRM organization's purpose is to allow students to network with business leaders from the community to learn about different management aspects of business and have the opportunity to be connected to the national SHRM organization for resources.

    Meeting Time/Location: Every other Wednesday at Noon.  Email president for Room
  • Sola Gratia

    President: Julia McClanahan
    Advisor: Amber Linville
    Connect: Facebook, Instagram

    Sola Gratia is the collegiate ministry of Daniels Bible Church (DBC). Our student organization exists to serve the campus by informing them about the collegiate ministry of DBC.

    Meetings: 115 Williams Street, 7pm Sunday nights
  • Space Club

    President: Carmen Camino Falcon
    Advisor: Dr.  Shafique Khan

    WVU SPACE (Student Partnership for the Advancement of Cosmic Exploration) is interested in the topics that contribute to the advancement of space exploration, space sciences, and any related sciences or topics that support such progress. Its purpose is to create a more suitable academic environment for the study of the space sciences, as well as contributing subjects, and the research, and thus the creation of the resulting technologies, necessary to advance those subjects, and to increase public awareness and interest in the space sciences, which inevitably contribute to the positive advancement of humanity and its insatiable quest for exploration among the stars. We work through NASA WV Space Grant Consortium ( and participate in NASA sponsored programs and student competitions.

    Meeting Time/Location: Email President for details

  • Student Activities Board (SAB)


    Student Activities Board Officers

    President – Shawneha Fennimore
    Vice President – Thomas Loescher
    Secretary – Madison Ballengee
    Recruitment Officers - Brianna WallaceSian SmithSamantha Collins

    Advisor: Michael Sheldon, Senior Coordinator of Student Programs and Organizations 

    Connect: FacebookTwitter

    Meeting Time/Location: Meeting time is 4 PM on every other Tuesday in the Blue Room.

    Zoom Link:

    Our organization is in charge of organizing and hosting activities on campus. We also want to help bring students together and get involved on campus.

  • Student Nurses Association

    President: Brittan Barley
    Advisor: Hillary Parcell

    Student Nursing Association (SNA) is an organization that provides programs that are representative of the fundamental interests and concerns of nursing students. SNA encourages nursing and pre-nursing students to participate in interdisciplinary activities by involving club members in community service and extracurricular activities.

    Meeting Times/Locations: Email President for details.

  • Tech Alliance

    President: Fayth Laxton
    Advisor:  Scott Robertson
    Connect:  FacebookInstagram

    The Tech Alliance Caucus provides a forum for WVU Tech faculty, staff, and students with common concerns to serve the University community and to improve the working and learning environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender students, faculty, and staff, as well as to celebrate the diversity of the LGBT culture at WVU Tech.

    Meeting Time/Location: Email President for details
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Club

    President: Alisa Kuchmak

    Vice President: Alexis Zilinski

    Secretary: Matthew Bradford

    Treasurer: Clay Laster

    Technology & Design: Zachary Reid

    Advisor: KyungMoon Kim

    • To support creating university-based ventures. 
    • To support the starting up process and operations of new ventures. 
    • To promote entrepreneurial activities, such as idea generation, opportunity identification, organizational and environmental analysis techniques, business plan development etc. 
    • To build networks for interaction among students, faculty and staff, and the local businesses and community as a whole.
    • To represent and serve the common interest of entrepreneurial organizations and associations.
    • To identify new fashion of entrepreneurship areas for the needs of new academic programs
    • To serve as a resource to the Student Government Association and the other student organizations on behalf of the entrepreneurs.
    • To provide information to students through various means of communication.

    Meeting Time/Location: Meetings will be virtual. Please email president for details.

  • Young Life

    President: Nathan Morton
    Advisor: Joel Harris

    The purpose of the group is to participate in the Young Life mission of introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.  This group achieves this purpose by offering a fun, accepting community for all college students to be a part of while exploring or deepening their own Christian faith, providing opportunities for college students to engage in Young Life ministry to local middle school and high school students, and offering activities like weekly small group Bible studies, world-class Young Life camping opportunities, and safe spaces of community building relationship opportunities in an effort to positively impact the campus and surrounding community.

    Meeting Date/Time: 5:30 pm on Tuesdays in the Blue Room in the Benedum Center

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