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  • Student Government Association

    The Student Government Association consists of students chosen in campus-wide elections held each spring and is the governing body for student organizations on campus.
    Advisor: Michael Sheldon, Senior Coordinator of Student Programs and Organizations
                  Emily Sands, Interim Dean of Students
    Connect: FacebookTwitter
  • #NotUs

    President: Madilyn Bodkin
    Advisor: Laura Lucas
    Connect: Instagram

    Not Us is about voicing real life stories to expose the horrors of WV drug epidemic, and it's consequences on WV's children. The Not Us club encourages college and high school students to share their stories + bring light to the drug epidemic that is sweeping through the state of West Virginia. We believe that educating and sharing YOUR voice will save West Virginia. 
    Meeting Times/Location: We will meet once a month via zoom
  • Accounting leaders of Tomorrow (ALoT)

    President: Andrew Williams
    Advisor: M. Nurul Amin

    Connect: Facebook

    To expose students to different career paths within the accounting profession. Allowing students to network with future employers as well as fellow accounting students through the West Virginia Society of CPA’s and other organizations.

    Meeting Time/Location: Thursdays in the LRC Room 322B at 12:30 PM

  • Active Minds

    President: Carley Knuckles
    Connect: FacebookInstagram
    1. To increase mental health awareness on campus of WVU Tech.

    2. To provide resources that will educate students about mental illness, how/where to get help, and how it affects not only those living with mental illness, but also those with loved ones living with mental illness and our society in general.

    3. To spread encouragement on how to maintain mental wellness.

    The objectives of this organization are NOT to provide mental health counseling, healthcare, or peer support

    Meeting Times/Location: Meetings will be virtual.  Email president for details.
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

    President: Kieren Samarakoon
    Advisor: Dr. Yogendra Panta
    Connect: FacebookNational

    ASME is an organization dedicated to "knowledge sharing, career enrichment and skills development across all engineering disciplines". Our organization here at WVU Institute of Technology is to hold these ideals and provide the new generation with the necessary skills to make the future brighter.

    Meeting Times: Email President for meeting times

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

    President: Thomas Wright
    Advisor: Dr. Sanish Rai
    Connect: National

    ACM is an organization that handles with computing and other uses of technology.  We volunteer and/or participate in various events such as programming competitions. This group is always welcome for students who are interested in Computer Science, but is open to anyone. 

    Meeting Time/Location: In Person - Thursdays in the Benedum Center Room 209; Virtual: email president for link

  • Biology Club

    President: Kiley Hayslett
    Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Mitchell
    Connect: FacebookFlickr

    The purpose of the biology club is to provide students with opportunities to make a difference by doing community service and volunteering. We want to help our members get more involved on campus and help them create relationships with other students, faculty and staff, and members of the community by doing fundraising events. The Biology club also wants to help students make connections with local businesses and organizations so that they will have experience and reliable relationships when they are applying for jobs after undergrad. 

    Meeting Time/Location: Virtual, Email president for details
  • Black Student Union

    President: Malik Wynes and Jada Mickey
    Advisor: Scott Robertson
    Connect: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

    Our organization helps create a safe space for minorities and groups. We host meeting to talk about different racial, religion, sex, and sexual orientation issues that we may have on-campus. We want to strive to correct the issues so that our university is diverse and unity. 

    Meeting Time/Location: TBA

  • Campus Light Ministries

    President: Christiana DiPisa
    Advisor: Naomi Bowles

    Campus Light is intended to encourage and strengthen Christians in the faith and to ground students in the fundamentals of the faith. It is also intended to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship among Christian students. 

    Meeting Time/Location: Meetings will be held through Zoom every Tuesdays at 6 PM.  Email president for details

  • Christian Student Union (CSU)

    President: Jalen Wayt
    Advisor:  Garrett Goosman
    Connect: Facebook

    Christian Student Union is designed to give individuals an opportunity to grow in their faith and fellowship with other believers. Our slogan is "CSU is a place to Connect, Learn, Serve and Grow." In addition, all individuals are welcome to our meetings at any time!

    Meeting Time/Location: Thursday at 7 PM in Life Science 208

  • Collegiate 4-H Club

    President: Maggie Little
    Advisor: Barbara Little

    This organization is to provide service to the community through the values of the 4-H program. Particularly in their values to the 4-H program.  
    Meeting Time/Location: First Monday or Tuesday of the month at 5:30
  • Criminal Justice Assocation

    President: Britney Coleman
    Advisor: Crosby Hipes
    Connect: Facebook

    The Criminal Justice Association (CJA) aims at learning more about the field through Criminal-Justice related topics and projects. We also dabble in community service as well, such as collaborations with the Women's Resource Center for victims of domestic violence. We also have guest speakers such as attorneys, police officers, and more! 

    Meeting Time/Location: 4:00 PM on Zoom - Email President for details

  • Fluid Power Club

    President: Michael Ecker-Randolph
    Advisor: Dr. Yogendra Panta

    This organization designs and fabricates a fluid power vehicle to compete in the NFPA yearly competition. 

    Meeting Time/Location: TBD

  • Forensic Investigation Association

    President:  McKenzie Simpson
    Advisor: Andrew Wheeler
    Connect: Facebook, Instagram

    The purpose of the Forensic Investigation Association is to help prepare our future criminal investigators and forensic scientists for their careers. We plan to do that by attending conferences, viewing live autopsies, touring state crime labs, maintaining connections with law enforcement officers and forensic investigators, and much more. The members of the FIA welcomes not only any forensic and criminal justice major but every major. Join the FIA and let no crime go unsolved.  

    Meeting Times/Location: BiWeekly: Every other Thursday at 1 PM in Carter Hall Room 100. Monthly: One Monday every monthat 5 PM in Life Sciences Room 200.

  • Gaming at Tech

    President: Scott Ellars
    Advisor:  Dr. JT Hird
    Connect: Facebook; Instagram

    Gaming at Tech plans to provide a casual environment in which students may pursue tabletop and video game endeavors either physically or virtually, and to foster a positive and stress-free social environment. All activities and functions of Gaming at Tech shall be legal under university, local, state, and federal laws. All functions of Gaming at Tech will be available to all students and fully accessible.

    Meeting Time/Location: Fridays at 5:30 PM.  Meetings available virtually too

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

    President: Rhyan McLaughlin
    Advisor: Charan Litchfield
    Connect: FacebookClub Email

    The purpose of the WVU Tech IEEE student branch shall be to encourage student interest in the advancement of science and technology. The organization is designed to provide learning experiences for West Virginia University Institute of Technology students and to promote student involvement in the community in the area of science and technology.

    Meeting Time/Location: Every other Tuesday 1 PM. Room 203 Benedum

  • Pi Tau Sigma

    President: Michael Ecker-Randolph
    Advisor: Yogendra Panta
    Connect: National

    This organization is a national honor society for mechanical engineering students and faculty. We attend conferences and do out reach events. 

    Meeting Time/Location: TBA

  • Pre-Health Professions Club

    President: Mackenzie Miller
    Connect: Facebook

    The purpose of Pre-Health Professions club is to bring awareness to the vital positions that healthcare professionals obtain. Also, we help give people the information they need for them to get into a Health based Graduate Program, this includes medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, etc... This program will aim to help Pre-Health Profession WVU-Tech students succeed in matriculating into their desired program. 

    Meeting Time/Location: Every Tuesday at 1 PM in Innovation Building 110 or Life Science 208
  • Psychology Club/Psi Chi

    President: Andreas Jonsson
    Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Hall
    Connect: Facebook

    The purpose of the Psychology Club is to provide opportunities for secondary students to develop career competencies in the various fields of psychology. The Psychology Club is an integral part of the Psychology program through WVUIT and in addition promotes a sense of civic and personal responsibility to the community and ourselves.

    Meeting Time/Location: Please email president for details

  • SAE Aero Design

    President: Ana Alonso
    Advisor: Dr. Winnie Fu

    Design, build, and take to competition an RC plane. 

    Meeting Time/Location: Please email president for details

  • Ski Club

    President: Brandon Radford
    Advisor: Dave Bernier

    The WVU Tech ski club is a place for anyone who loves winter sports. We have skill levels from beginners to experts in both skiing and snowboarding. We like to get together and go to winterplace about once a week in the winter. 
    Meeting Time/Location: Virtual Meetings on Teams once a Month until winter.  Please contact president for information
  • Sport Studies Club

    President: Ashley Daniels
    Advisor: Laura Spiers
    Connect: Facebook, Instagram

    The purpose of the Sport Studies Majors Club is to provide networking and learning experiences in coaching, exercise science, and sports management through attending conferences, clinics, and volunteering.

    Meeting Time/Location: Wednesdays at 12 PM

  • Student Activities Board (SAB)


    Student Activities Board Officers

    President – Jakobi Harris
    Vice President – McKenzie Simpson 
    Secretary – Sian Smith
    Social Media Coordinator – Samantha Collins 
    Recruitment Officer - Brianna Wallace

    Advisor: Michael Sheldon, Senior Coordinator of Student Programs and Organizations 

    Connect: FacebookTwitter

    Meeting Time/Location: Every other Wednesday at 4 PM on Zoom

    Zoom Link:

    The student Activities Board plans different events the are hosted on campus.

  • Tech Alliance

    President: Dakota Bennett
    Advisor:  Scott Robertson 
    Connect:  FacebookInstagram

    This club is designed to spread awareness about the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. LGBTQ+ community has allies, and the club is designed to inform people about being an ally and supporting the community. 

    Meeting Time/Location: Bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 5 PM in LRC 313
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Club

    President: Jennifer Tankink
    Advisor: KyungMoon Kim

    We help our members and communities for entrepreneurial activities. 

    Meeting Time/Location: Meetings will be virtual. Please email president for details.

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