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The operation of WVU Tech CARE Team is undertaken with these principles in mind:

  • The individual privacy rights of students are protected by law and University policy and will be maintained throughout.
  • Students with mental health issues or illnesses are able to be successful at WVU Tech and every attempt will be made to support this outcome. However, in some cases students may be unable to successfully pursue studies because of their condition.
  • Recognizing that the behavior of individuals can have a profound impact on the community, a balance must be maintained between a desire to support individual students and the safety and wellbeing of the community.


A small group of committed professionals comprise our multidisciplinary team, including representatives from the Dean of Students Office, TRIO Student Support Services, the Student Success Center, Counseling Services, Student Development, Campus Police and Student Conduct. Other members of the campus community may serve in an ad-hoc role as needed. 

  • Emily Sands, Dean of Students
  • Daniel Sepion, Associate Dean of Students
  • Kathleen Sauls, Director of Counseling Services
  • Scott Robertson, Assistant Dean of Students for TRIO and Diversity Programs, TRIO Student Support Services Director
  • Jake Corey, Chief of University Police
  • Amanda Baker, Student Success Center Advisor


  • Foster a culture of reporting and caring so that students of concern are identified and provided the appropriate supports and referrals
  • Improve coordination and communication regarding behavioral issues across campus
  • Centralize reporting and referral systems to better identify, assess, manage, track and support WVU Tech students whose behavior causes serious concern
  • Utilize a proactive approach and employ early intervention techniques with at-risk students to prevent escalation of concerns and bridge gaps in services
  • Provide training, resources, and support to WVU Tech community members to better identify and address behaviors of concern

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Anyone can report concerning, disruptive, alarming, or threatening behaviors to the CARE Team. Please include all pertinent information pertaining to the student’s behavior of concern, including any documentation that may be relevant.

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