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LiveSafe at WVU Tech


WVU Tech is furthering its commitment to campus safety with the launch of the LiveSafe App, which provides students, faculty, staff, community members and visitors an on-the-go way to connect with authorities.

LiveSafe is a free mobile application for Apple and Android devices that empowers the campus community to expedite the identification and response of any actions in progress, safety concerns or potential threats in order to ensure the safety for all members of the campus community.

LiveSafe enables increased safety by creating a new two-way channel of communication between the community and safety officials. LiveSafe provides users a suite of emergency services, including options to:

  • Report an anonymous tip (photo, video and text options) about a suspicious act taking place.
  • Call campus police or 911 in an emergency situation.
  • Notify friends in real-time of your location and safety through a one-button monitoring service.

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