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Preparing to Take Final Exams Online

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As we come into Finals Week, there are some things for you to consider and do regarding taking your finals online. Preparing your family, environment, device and connection method are all important elements of getting ready to take your finals.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Coordinate with Other People in Your Home.
    • If there are other people in your home, talk to them about NOT using electronic devices connected to the internet while you are taking a final exam.
    • Devices include:
      • Computers
      • Tablets
      • Phones
      • TVs that stream from the internet
      • Gaming devices
  • Explore Your Connectivity Options.
    • Using Your Smartphone: It is NOT recommended that you use your phone to take the final exam.
    • WiFi vs Network Cable: If you have the option of plugging in a network cable, you should consider that instead of using WiFi. If you use WiFi, make sure to find a good spot where it is quiet and the WiFi signal is strong.
    • Using a Hotspot: If you don’t have WiFi in your home but have a Hotspot on your phone, use the Hotspot with your computer or tablet while taking the final exam.
  • The Day Before the Exam, Prepare Your Computer
    • Restart Your Computer
      • Your computer will run its best after a reboot.
      • Restart your computer the day before and the morning of the exam in the event Windows Updates run when you boot your computer (Windows Updates can take time and will delay your ability to log in and take your exam—in short, you’ll lose test time).
      • Restart your computer a couple hours before you start your exam.
    • Mac Users: Use Chrome rather than Safari
      • Safari—it has been noticed that students seem to get kicked out of their online exams more often than when using Chrome.
      • Solution: If your Mac allows the use of Chrome, download Chrome to your device (not all Mac OSs allow for Chrome).
      • Download the Google Chrome web browser:
  • Give Yourself Lead Time
    • Give yourself plenty of time before the start of the exam to login to the computer and eCampus.
    • If you have any problems with your login you will have time to contact the ITS service desk at 304-293-4444 to request help.
  • While Taking the Exam
    • Only have one browser running at a time.
    • Do not have anything running on your computer in the background while you are taking the exam such as Pandora, Netflix, YouTube, etc.  
  • Other Resources
  • Finally, if you do have a major problem while taking your exam, such as being cut off from eCampus in the middle of the test, please contact your faculty member immediately, and let them know what happened.

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