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Wellness Week

Welcome to Wellness Week activities!  This page has the handouts and links to events that happen on campus during Wellness Week each year.  This year, 2021, focuses on Technology and Wellbeing.  Events are February 22nd to February 26th in the Learning Commons from noon to 2pm.  Reminders are posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as the student calendar.   

*None of the information below should be used in place of professional help
The information is meant to be a reference and used for educational purposes only. If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health issues please contact the counseling center or a local mental health professional.

Wellness Week 2021 Schedule of Events

PowerPoints & Handouts

Screen Time Limits 2021
Zoom Fatigue 2021

Screen Time Tips 2021
Zoom Fatigue Tips 2021
Music to Study By Tips 2021

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